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Party Rental Edmonton serves various events including:

  • Festivals
  • Receptions and Galas
  • Weddings
  • Parties
  • Reunions
  • Bridal Showers
  • AGM
  • Fundraisers
  • Community Outreach Occasions
  • Birthday Parties
  • Other Outdoor Events

Receptions & Galas

It could be classy, formal, a cocktail, indoor or outdoor. No need to worry, we have your back. Party Rentals Edmonton has all the right equipment for you. A variety of tents available for your gala event include

Marquees and Gazebos

We offer a range of extra strong and light marquee tents made of foldable alloy material. The materials used to make this kind of shelter is of the highest quality. They are waterproof and ultraviolet light protected. The tents can be customized to look however way you like thanks to the unmatched construction on the tents. It would be perfect for receptions or a closed gala event.

Canopy Tents

Another light type of tent is the canopy tent. Very common and less costly provides a great shelter for your event. They are very easy to erect and can be hook on whichever flooring be it grass or dirt flooring. This kind of tents have centre poles, one or more depending on the parameter of the tent. They are a good choice especially if you don't want something high in the budget.

Pole Tents

This type of tent is heavy duty and can withstand a lot of tension from the environment. By this, it means it could be close to a beach where there are beach waves and breeze from the ocean. It is also easy to set up with supporting poles placed around and one in the centre for support. Even though it is a simple tent, it may need professional assistance.

Weddings & Engagements

Your wedding day is a special day. A day you will remember for the rest of your life. Our dedicated team of qualified professionals can make every detail of this day even more memorable. We are prepared to offer you some of the greatest designs, craftsmanship and layouts to match nothing else you have experienced. We have several tent ideas for the seating ceremony, dinner setting probably in a rectangular format or the round setting for the reception. There are several tents open for wedding occasions such as

Traditional Pole Tents

These tents have a distinguishing feature of the high peak set at the middle of the tent once it has been erect. It is very ideal and also common for such events. It a good choice for a large event which includes weddings due to the open area or space it provides all round. One disadvantage is that it may not protect you against all environmental elements such as rain. Plus sunlight rays are only protected from an angle.

Frame Tents

Another lovely tent to use is the frame tent. Very stylish meaning complicated hence has to be professionally installed. The tent has a vinyl top and no centre pole which is lovely if you want the whole crowd to be in unison. One major advantage of this tent is that it can be placed on most flooring options. For example grass, dirt, concrete or asphalt.


If you want something more distinctive, you can choose a sailcloth tent that adds some light to the tent especially during day time. It is a unique tent and suitable for those who may want something out of the ordinary.

Occassions & Celebrations

It doesn't have to be a wedding or a gala, it could be an AGM meeting, an award ceremony or an outdoor party. Regardless of what it is, we will be right there with you to ensure everything turns out stylish and innovative. Under this section, we offer several options for your occasion. They include:

Pop Up Canopy Tents

This is very similar to the canopy tents but they are smaller and very easy to install. They also have collapsible material which makes it easy to move around. It can provide some coverage from sunlight and also light pours from the rain. They are ideal for small gatherings like a bridal shower, baby shower, kids birthday party or anniversary parties.

Structural Tents

These ones are more complicated than most tents. They could be of any design plus they can at least be modified to look a certain way. Our team could easily handle that with our trained and qualified professionals. They can be more expensive compared to the other tents but they give off a more stylish design. They offer good shelter for rain and sunlight rays.

Dome Tents

This types of tents are also very common. They have a cave like a shape and over the best coverage after the marquees and gazebo style tent. They are inexpensive and quite easy to erect as well. They would be a good tent to have for your closed family event or a small gathering of 100 people. All the tents have different sizes with different poles. They come with different pricing depending on the size or the number of tents you want for your event.


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