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Top 5 tips on where to get cheap rental tents for your events.

Weddings can be rather hectic. Such events require the couple to cater to their guests’ expenses to extents that would seem unrealistic. These 5 tips could save up some of the hustle.

Check on good prices

As a customer, do your own research on the best companies available in the market those offer cheap prices. Its is also important to check on the services offered by these tent rental companies to avoid getting poor services. Customers require different types of services so you should check and counter check if the prices offerd by the company matches the services. It is important to note that, you should go for quality not just the price.

Reduced loan expenses on tents

Some events like weddings require a lot of money to run. So getting a company that can loan you a tent and pay in instalments is very important. Some companies do offer loans or deposit charge after services. As an event organizer and a customer, you should check on the best companies that can offer good conditions that are favorable for you as a customer.

Emergency responses with low additional transport costs

Some events are organized quickly that may need emergency response. In addition, an event that was expected to accomodate small number of people can end up having too many and its important for you to hire tents where the company can respond quickly to such issues to reduce the delays of such events.

Quick deliveries on tents

The event organizer should look for companies that have quick deliveries to reduce the chances of delays. Some componies take a lot of time in delivering tents which can lead to improper organization of the event. Always check online for companies that can have quick and reduced procedures of delivery process. Events cant start before the tents are delivered and organized well enough for the visitors and the people incharge of the occassion.

Look for good staff to assist in positions of the tents at a cheaper price

During the events a person is required to look for the best personnels that can help in identify the best positions for tents. Place the tents in ideal positions that may attract the attention of visitors. The tents should be separated of positions according to the seniority of the people sitting in each tent or what event is expected to be done there.

How to know the best tents for each occassion.

Events have a way with people. It's to socialise, interact, bond and meet new faces. Being so, strong tents could play a big role. Here are some tips to find out best tents for your occassion.

Shape of the tent

There are different types of tents available for example, cone shaped at the top, triangular prisms, flat top etc. The type of event will determine the shape of the tents required. You shouldn't take for example a prism for occassion like wedding. Weddings require cone shaped tents that are well decorated to match the occassion.

Size of the tent

The size of the tent is important. The number of people expected to attend the occassion will determine the size of the tent required for it. A large number of people require large surface area so a big tent may be needed in such places. However, there is no need to hire big tents when the crowd expected is small in size. Events like fundraisers require large tents that can accomodate a large number of people.

Color of the tent

White tents are preferred in weddings because they bring on some beauty. It is important for a person to choose a good color for the tent that compliments dresses of the couple. Dull tents can be used in fundraisers, funerals etc. Parties like birthdays, pool parties may require colorful tents. The color of the tent must match the occassion to help create a good atmosphere and an outside appearance.

Time frame of the event

Events which are ffor longer time for example weeks or months should have strong and stable tents. This is to ensure that there are no interferences during the events because unstable tents can sometimes cause damage or accident in case of collapse. The event organizer should try to check the stands of the tents and make good decisions depending on the nature of the place where the event is going to take place.

Choosing the best venue

The right venue could be a game changer for your event. Choosing the right venue for any event can be very tiresome with a lot of aspects to look at. An event venue with laxity can make attendees bored and even regret attending an event. To avoid such situations, here are some top tips to look out for the perfect checklist.


Cost of the venue is very huge determinant. Different areas have different cost for various reasons. For example, an event could be close to the town, it could be a 5-star hotel, it could be a ranch, a simple garden or someone's backyard.

Regardless, the cost will determine what you can afford and what you can't. It would be a good idea to stick to the cost you can afford as there are other expenses to be incurred besides hiring. Another factor associated with the cost of a venue is the day of the event. In every industry, there are peak seasons and off seasons. Peak season is weekends, holidays and end months. For that reason, you could consider changing an event day to have the perfect location at a cost you can actually afford.


The venue has to be in a conducive location. What is the meaning of conducive? First, it has to be easily accessible to the attendees of the event. A location that is placed in the middle of nowhere or in an uncommon neighbourhood could discourage other attendees from coming due to the transportation strains. Conducive locations could be somewhere close to the main road, close to the city for those who use public transport, a safe and secure neighbourhood. The location should also be easily drafted on any invitation letters sent out to event attendees.


Hotel capacity in a 5-star hotel could be over 500 people conducive for galas and festivals. On the other hand, the backyard of a nearby diner could only accommodate a maximum of 80 people, which could also be a good space for a short and small gathering. The perfect venue should allow for enough spacing for all your guests. If it's a seminar, people need to sit comfortably and be able to listen to speakers without distractions from people who have to get in and out and move for other guests. If the attendees to an event are unknown it could be a good idea to have it in an open space.

Ease of the event

The event has to be stress-free in terms of the type of event. A seminar has people facing one side meaning a square or rectangular space could be best. A wedding could have a round table layout or parallel layout meaning you will need a venue to fit the layout. But for a festival, gala or concert, completely open space would be the better option. Privatised events could want something more secluded for freeness of the exercise, this means somewhere like a conference room in a hotel or closed room in any building will be the best choice.

Additional services

A venue could save up some costs on the organiser through additional services offered. Also depending on the type of event, certain things may be mandatory. A birthday party may not need valet services but a corporate event with attendees who include CEO, managers and other high ranking officials may need such services.

Other additional services include security of the premise, access to washroom areas and others. It would be best to choose a venue that has access to as many facilities as possible.


Different venues exercise different restrictions depending on the location or the surrounding environment. A hotel may have designated sports for smoking which could all be outdoors. This means if you have your guests smoking indoor could get you as the organiser and the guests in trouble. Depending on the type of event, it would be best if you had prior information on any rules and regulations that need to be adhered to. Certain areas have a no smoking rule. Others include:

  • No alcohol
  • No event without a valid license
  • No loud music
  • No outside food
  • No pets

To avoid any legal problems, all information should be thoroughly researched to ensure the safety of your guests.


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